Classic Rocky The Rottweiler 'CREW' Tank Top (White)

Classic Rocky The Rottweiler 'CREW' Tank Top (White)


Symbolizing: Motivation & Discipline

• Hunger through it's posh white teeth & fangs. 
• Inquiry & curiosity from it's concrete colored nose. 
• Devotion & determination through it's money green eyes. 
• Knowledge, intelligence & understanding through it's compassionate pink ears. 
• Courage, obedience & protection from it's whetted claws. 
• Brilliance, boldness, & confidence with it's rich pigmented fur.

Texture: Soft & Smooth

• Classified as 4.3oz, 100% combed cotton fine jersey material. 
• Constructed of high quality, & natural layer for form fitting. 
• Customized greatly; Printed & Made in the USA, sweatshop free. 
• Capably machine washable; Inside out, tumble dry low heat
• Considered unisex. 
• Crew Crew x American Apparel brand tank top.

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